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Deck Your Halls In Style!

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Although holiday décor trends are something retailers and designers have long concerned themselves with, it’s with the advent of blogs, vlogs, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms that the average consumer has started paying more critical attention to as well.
While the traditional elements of the holidays will always have a significant presence, the colour schemes and details tend to vary year-by-year. It can be trickier to pick up on the season’s latest because it’s usually worked into store designs and holiday home guides subtly.
There is a timelessness about that time of year that no one wants to tamper with, so new ideas are integrated in very organic ways, which is perfect for you since it allows you to add some new touches to your holiday style without being tempted to redo everything.
One of the best places to pinpoint these trends is at Christmasworld, one of the biggest and most significant Christmas decoration trade fairs in the world, which takes place annually in Frankfurt, Germany. Many of the styles and designs celebrated there find their way into the places that inspire and fuel our holiday decorating desires.
Fashion trends tend to coincide with some of the holiday inclinations. For example - metallics. We’re seeing designers launching a lot of accessories and clothes in unique and unexpected metallic hues (dark burgundies, deep blues, and more).
While gold and silver have always had prominence in holiday designs, this year they’re taking a backseat to rose-hued champagne, brass, and copper.
These warmer options are giving entirely new ambiance to existing styles, such as last year’s very popular royal blue, which shifts from icy winter when paired with silver to inviting regality when matched with champagne. Holiday décor designers have not been heavy-handed with these metallics, instead having touches of it here and there, allowing the shimmery colours to catch and interact with light and giving spaces that twinkling holiday feel. When it comes to metallics, less is more.
Copper edging or a bronze statement piece will have a more noticeable presence than if you overwhelm your tree or garland with them. An added bonus to metallics is that they complement almost any colour palette, so they’ll work in your home and with your existing decorations, holiday or otherwise.
There was a growing appreciation for design ideas inspired by that cabin-in-the-woods concept (you may have noticed an influx of plaids and knits on the clothing racks). The cozy lakeside feel has come into its own where the holidays are concerned. A roaring fire, natural wood elements, beautifully woven blankets, rich evergreens and bold deep reds—the style is perfect for decking the halls.
No fireplace to speak of? You can still create the warm lighting of flames. There’s a variety of beautiful old-fashioned style lanterns which look great in your home all year long but can be given a festive vibe with a sprig of holly tied in, or by being placed in a festive-themed vignette.
I love grouping candles of varying heights in a corner, and they have lovely holiday-themed ones with little red berries and spruce clippings visible in the wax. The best part? These are all available now in flameless options, which keeps things merry, bright, and most importantly, safe.
What would a lakeside retreat be without wildlife? You’ll see a lot of a woodland creatures appearing in tree ornaments and similar decorations. Owls remain center stage, and deer are also being featured more and more. Squirrels, foxes, and bears are also cropping up, many of them made in unique, natural materials to really add that rustic, cozy feel. These charming little friends are being portrayed in artistic ways, rather than as cartoon versions.
They’re featuring prominently on holiday pillows, which if I’m being honest, I see myself keeping out all year long. A water-colour stag cushion? You better believe that’s taking up permanent residence on my couch. A really cool detail we’re seeing a lot of which perfectly marries metallics with the lakeside feel are gilded antlers (not real of course). A single miniature deep-gold antler on a mantle or coffee table is a major style statement—if you see one, add it to your collection – STAT!!!
Geometric shapes are very big right now in home design, and they’ve made an appearance in holiday décor as well, particularly in tree ornaments. They’re being done in brushed metals and the look is very subtly modern without being overtly trendy.
Chalkboard statement walls and signs have been popular for a while now, but festive chalkboard signs are really showing up a lot for the holidays, bearing heart-warming messages about the season.
Perhaps because of this, black is being heralded as an up-and-comer for the holiday palette. Don’t dismiss it too quickly—it’s not being used in a mod, sterile way, but rather as a rich pairing with the deep warm metallics. The results are surprising lovely! For the very bold, we’re even seeing black Christmas trees, but if you go this route, remember to cozy it up with richly toned decorations and make sure you incorporate some metallics.
This is a great partner for your geometric tree ornaments! One of the best parts about the festive season are the warm underlying sentiments. They have a traditional, timeless feel about combining beloved memories with freshly made ones, and that is reflected in the mosaic stylings of holiday décor. Blending your favourite pieces that reappear annually with some new additions is a fun and easy way to make every year feel like a new take on a beloved classic. Enjoy decking your halls!

Originally Published by The Chronicle Herald


Alexandra Kelter

Alexandra Kelter is a social media specialist with Central Home Improvements. Her column covers many aspects of home improvement, both indoor and outdoor, and will combine trending styles with practical applications all within realistic budgets. Kelter is also passionate about fashion, travel, living by the ocean and her bulldog.