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The LVT/LVP Flooring Craze – Why Homeowners Love It!

LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tile; or LVP – Luxury Vinyl Plank. If you follow flooring trends, these are the two flooring styles currently making a big splash in the design world.
But why?
LVTLVP1The answer is simple. Incredibly realistic good looks and simple installation combined with very easy care and maintenance at a realistic price point. For homeowners who have not yet seen LVT and LVP flooring, do yourself a favor and go have a look. You’ll be impressed with everything about these floors.
Luxury vinyl tile and plank floors are made up of three layers – the top urethane layer, designed for hard wear and durability, the middle layer featuring incredibly realistic wood, stone and ceramic designs and the bottom waterproof substrate layer.
The plank flooring comes in various widths ranging from about 4-1/2 inches up to 6-1/2 inches and lengths of 36 or 48 inches, while the tile flooring comes in an enormous array of sizes depending upon the type of stone or ceramic design you’ve selected. Options like textured embossing and beveled edges and ends further enhance the realism of the plank flooring look.
Installing these floors is truly simple. The tools needed are a utility knife, a tapping mallet and a straight edge. That’s it. DIYers with no experience can install these floors in an afternoon.
LVTLVP2They go right over just about any surface: concrete, wood, existing vinyl or tile – it doesn’t matter, because the planks stick to each other and float over the top of the existing floor. This means a lot less bother if you need to reposition planks to make minor adjustments during the installation process.
Another enormous advantage of these floors is that they are waterproof, and can be installed anywhere in your home where moisture can be a problem: bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms.
They’re also exceptionally durable, resisting scratches and wear. Spills clean up quickly without concern over warping, stains or water damage over time. And cleaning is a breeze. Vacuum or sweep - then damp mop. That’s it.
Even repairs are uncomplicated. As with any floor, keeping some spare pieces after installation is important. Should a problem occur, remove the baseboard, release the damaged plank or tile, and slide in a new one. Tap into place, and replace the baseboard.
While these floors are not at the bottom of the flooring price range, they are also not at the top. They range from the mid to upper-mid range of flooring prices – but, in terms of VALUE – they are at the top of offering homeowners an outstanding product with incredible selection and beauty, easy maintenance, simple installation and long-wearing durability. What else could you ask for in a floor?


Originally Published by The Chronicle Herald


Alexandra Kelter

Alexandra Kelter is a social media specialist with Central Home Improvements. Her column covers many aspects of home improvement, both indoor and outdoor, and will combine trending styles with practical applications all within realistic budgets. Kelter is also passionate about fashion, travel, living by the ocean and her bulldog.