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Storage with Style

pinterestshedsAnyone who spends time on Pinterest and home design blogs has probably noticed that garden sheds are doing double duty nowadays, and are being transformed into visually appealing storage, mini studios, and even little indoor/outdoor rooms just for hanging out in.
People are taking them to new levels of style and comfort-- gone are the days of run-down old sheds where spiders lurk and clutter grows.
Interested in transforming your shed? Step one is organization. You need to go through the contents of your shed and purge. Donate what you can, toss what needs tossing, and then decide what kind of storage system is right for your space.
There are a wide range of shelving units in different styles and materials that you can install in a shed or garage. The different types of shelving are designed to hold different kinds of weight and install differently, so you need to determine what you want the shelving to do. Most units are ones you can easily install yourself.
Are you turning your shed into outdoor garden storage? If so, having a nice workbench is a smart idea. A workbench doubles as a potting bench, tool maintenance and repair spot, and so much more.
paintingAre you turning it into a hideaway? If so, a coat of paint inside and outside is a big step. Painting the trim will also help add personality. Windows are ideal if your shed will be more than functional, and adding a window box full of pretty flowers adds even more appeal!
There are beautiful shed designs available now if you're starting from scratch. You can buy them pre-built, assembly required, or you can design and build one yourself (with the help of a contractor if you're not experienced in this area. A contractor will also know about your local building codes and restrictions).
Make sure your shed is properly sealed to keep out the weather and to protect its contents. After that, it's about adding personality!
If your shed is more for fun than for storage, window coverings will make it feel more homey. Design it so that on nice days, you can have the shed door (or doors) open-- adding flowy long see-through curtains to blow in the breeze and blur the line between inside and outdoors.
A little bistro set and other comfortable seating options will make it a lovely spot for long talks over tea.
If your shed is meant to create storage and minimize clutter, the key is organization and tidiness. Putting things away in their rightful place and keeping the interior and exterior shed surfaces clean will do wonders in making the space feel inviting and making it a nice spot to spend time in even when you're using it for storage and work around your home.
Properly utilized, storage sheds can be a homeowner's best friend,because as every homeowner knows, there's no such thing as too much storage!


Originally Published by The Chronicle Herald - October 2, 2014


Alexandra Kelter

Alexandra Kelter is a social media specialist with Central Home Improvements. Her column covers many aspects of home improvement, both indoor and outdoor, and will combine trending styles with practical applications all within realistic budgets. Kelter is also passionate about fashion, travel, living by the ocean and her bulldog.